St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more

Year Four 2016-2017

Y4's trip to Mere Sands - pond dipping, meadow sweeping, nature walk and bird watching - what a day!

Sorting and Classifying varieties of animals in our Science lesson - how did we do?

Computing Skills - How To Use Abstraction

Dance from the Heart 2017 - the whole school dance with our very special guests!

Y4's 2017 Sports Day

Maths Puzzles - can we solve our puzzles and get the next clue?

We created Egyptian artefacts at home for our Class Museum .... look at what we have made, extraordinary!

Maths Week. We had to do some Problem Solving in order to get the clue we need to find Annie & Anthony's kidnappers!

Bounce Madness!

A very successful Outdoor Classroom Day for Year 4.

Our school party for the children in Y4 and Y5 who have made their Communion.

How do you make a mummy?

Egyptian Art-Work - Sketching a crocodile from the River Nile.

St Anne's Talent Show! What a lot of talent we have at our school!!

Traffic Survey - Using a tally to record my answers.

Sponsored Doughnut Competition - could we eat them without hands, and without licking our lips? YES!!

The Good Shepherd Pyjama day - a time to think about others.

We will be running a mile everyday from now on! Take a look at our first mile of many!

Looking at our teeth in class! Finding out about plaque and how to keep our teeth healthy!