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Class R

Welcome to Reception!

There are 30 of us in Reception and our class teacher is Mr Jones. We have 2 teaching assistants who are, Mrs Astley and Ms Bateson. We hope you enjoy looking at our page and all the fun things we get up to over the course of this year.

Welcome Back!

We are set for another action packed and fun filled half-term in the build up to Christmas with various events and activities going on. Visit this page regularly to see what exciting things we get up to!

Our Class Photo taken on Friday 19th September.

A classic example of early learning and the type of ethos we aim to create in Reception!

Children engaging in mark making on a large scale drawing their favourite nocturnal animal. What better way to end a succesful first half-term than to see children working and playing together, and most of all thoroughly enjoying what they do!

We enjoyed exploring our new school environment by going out onto the school field for a sensory walk in the opening week. We talked about the different environmetal sounds we could hear and the different things we could see around us.

Our Autumn Topic Plan September-November.

In Come and See so far this term we have been covering the topic; 'Myself'. We have been studying the importance of our names, being part of our own families and part of a larger 'school family'. We have also been recognising that we are all special and unique and that we are all precious to God.

'God knows me and loves me, I am precious to him'

Come and See - Topic : Myself - Autumn 1

As part of our Come and See topic 'Myself' we had a fantastic  time learning the words and the actions to the song 'If I were a Butterfly'. This was all part of highlighting the importance of ourselves as unique individuals who are precious to God and thanking God for making us who we are. Below is just a snippet of the song we performed together as a whole class, but from this you can see just how well we know the song and most of all how much we enjoyed ourselves whilst perfroming it!

If I Were A Butterfly.

Still image for this video