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Jolly Phonics

Phonics isn't always just about sitting on the carpet learning letter sounds. We thoroughly enjoyed learning our letter sounds in the outdoor area through physical activity. As a way of helping us to consolidate our knowledge of initial letter sounds we completed a tricky obstacle course before selecting a picture card to place in one of the four phoneme hoops (s,a,t,p) - We know that sometimes phonics can be quite difficult but we also know its important to have fun and keep on trying!

Use the following website links to practice and apply what we have been learning in our phonics sessions with some games and activities to do together at home. Mr Jones' phonics group have been learning the Phase 2  letter sound s,a,t,p,i,n,g,o,c,k and ck most recently and have also begun practicing how to segment to aid writing and blend to support the process of early reading.

Mrs Astley's phonics group have been working on phase 1 of the Letters and Sounds programme for the purpose of raising children's awareness of sound and other aspects of literacy such as rhythm and alliteration prior to learning specific letter sounds. The purpose of this is to provide the children with a firm foundation, enabling them to possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of letter sounds when we feel the time is right for them to do so. The early processes of reading and writing are vital and it is highly important this is effectively supported and that learning in phonics remains both meaningful and accessible for all learners.

If you would like to know more on the concepts of blending and segmenting and on how to support your child's early reading and writing skills further then Mr Jones, Mrs Astley and Ms Bateson will be more than happy to provide any advice.


Also pay a visit to youtube and enjoy getting to know our 'Jolly Phonics' songs that provide a fun and stimulating way to learn new letter sounds. The children are beginning to know these songs well and I am sure they will enjoy showing you just how much!