St Anne's Catholic Primary School

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Science Investigation


Our question - Which habitat do woodlice/slugs/worms prefer?


We have been busy planning our investigation to answer this question.  We made choice chambers and changed the conditions in each chamber.  Next we went into the anniversary garden and collected a sample of the animals we were testing.  We put the animals in the choice chamber and left them to 'choose' their favourite habitat.



We have been investigating animals and their habitats.  All living organisms: Move, Reproduce, are Sensitive, Grow, Respire, Excrete and need Nutrition. Animals choose their habitat based on being able to do/have some of these things.

(MRS GRENS is the mnemonic we use to help us remember the 7 life processes.)


We had great fun in the anniversary garden searching for animals and checking the conditions in the different habitats.

Investigating living organisms in their habitats.