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Class 5



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We are Class 5, but we are bigger and better now!


There are 2 new pupils in our class, so compare the photographs to see if you can spot our new classmates.

WE ARE CLASS FIVE!(But we have changed...see above!)

Class 5 work very hard alongside Mrs Smith our Class teacher and Mrs Coy our teaching assistant.


On Tuesdays we all go swimming to Leyland Leisure Centre, where we are taught by Jane, the Lancashire Schools' swimming teacher. Mrs Austin teaches us on Wednesday mornings  and Mrs Todd on Monday afternoons.


With all these people teaching us, we are getting ready for the changes we will meet when we go to High School.smiley



Class 5 were invited to Leyland Police station to experience the work of the Neighbourhood Police Team. They talked to the police officers, visited the custody cells, had their fingerprints taken and sat in the Police car.



Creative, colourful, crafty and eye-catching slippers were made at the end of the summer term. Measuring, cutting, gluing and sewing, a full range of skills could be seen to fix and fasten the parts together. Upper, inner sole, cushioning and outer sole were all made to fit, with pom-poms, ribbons, buttons and pipe cleaners to complete the designs. 



For the first time, St. Anne's Year 5 children have taken part in the South Ribble 'BIKEABILITY' Course. The children were first assessed on the school playground and then taken out onto quiet roads if their basic balance and coordination were of a good enough standard.


They spent four half days in total practising their riding, positioning, setting off and stopping,turning left and turning right. Written work on the Highway Code was also an element to be completed. Every child in class wrote a daily diary of their experiences and these are on display in school.


A great deal was learned and a great time was had by all!

DT Food Technology - Biscuits


Mixing the basic biscuit recipe was great fun. All the children shared the jobs to weigh, mix, sieve, beat and knead the ingredients to make a dough. This was then stored in the fridge over the weekend.


The next lesson saw the children sharing, flouring, rolling and cutting the dough into biscuits. Lots of children brought their own rolling pin and biscuit cutters. These ranged from flowers to stars and teddies to elephants. They understood how important it was to try to cut biscuits of the same size, to be baked on the same baking tray. There seemed to be plenty of flour used by everyone to stop the dough sticking!!

'WIND AND FIRE' - The Story of Pentecost.

By acting out the story of The Power of the Holy Spirit, Class 5 could better understand the courage of the Apostles, through the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Saint Peter stood tall and spoke out to the crowd, who had gathered for the Feast of Pentecost, to celebrate the harvest.
Saint Peter's bravery spread to the other Apostles, who also found they could talk to the people about Jesus.

That same day, over 3000 people became followers of Christ.

Acts of the Apostles.



Every year, Class 5 work alongside Lancashire Constabulary and in particular with PCSO Tony Wojnarowski, to learn about how to be a better citizen and how the law relates to them. Once they are 10 years old, children are considered responsible for their own actions within the law and could receive a criminal record if they make the wrong choices when they are out in the community.


On Thursday 27th March, Class 5 presented an assembly for the whole school, to show how CRIMINAL DAMAGE costs a community more than money. Combining information, drama, song and prayer, PCSO Tony and Chief Inspector O'Gara certainly thought they got their message across very well.


Parents and grandparents were their to watch and support the children.





We have found angles all around and can tell if they are ACUTE, OBTUSE, RIGHT ANGLE or REFLEX. Protractors are used to measure angles in degrees and we can both estimate the size of angles and measure them accurately. We can also calculate missing angles in a right angle and on a straight line.



Our Class Masses are always very special and we share them with Father Stephen.


Our Mass for Lent reminded us about the time of the Passover and how the Passover meal (Pesach meal) shared by Jesus and the Apostles, became the Last Supper.


Lots of our families and friends always join us when we celebrate Mass.



This is a very important part of our classroom. We often gather quietly around it to pray, sing and share thoughtful moments. During these times, we pass around our Holding Crosses to help us focus on our prayers as we listen to the Gospel to be read in mass on Sunday. 


Our HOLOGRAM BOX of HOPES and DREAMS is a special part of our Collective Worship table. It holds our prayers, thoughts and special wishes for different times of the year. At the moment, it is full of our Lenten Promises - all the things we are trying to do to come closer to Jesus at this time.



This year we all dressed up as a character from one of our favourite books. We had great fun pretending to be someone else in our lessons all day!


Can you guess who some of our characters were?



Open Morning February 2014

Still image for this video

The History of Leyland

As part of our Leyland Topic, we spent some time studying the History of the oldest part of Leyland around Leyland Cross. David Hunt from the Old Grammar School Museum helped us to identify some of the oldest landmarks and allowed us to visit the Museum and learn about much of the history of where we live.



We are very keen dancers in Class 5 and love to learn new Country Dances. Leyland Morris Men came to our class to tell us about their history as part of our Leyland Topic and they taught us to Morris Dance as well. We loved it and demonstrated our skills to parents at our open morning.

We even had a very special visitor who came to dance with us...

Do you know who it is?


We have learned all about Tudor Houses and how they are constructed. Our DT lessons were spent constructing our own Tudor houses, trying to make them look as authentic as possible.