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Modern Foreign Languages - Spanish

Hello everyone,


Welcome to the Modern Foreign Language hub, this is where you will find all information about our MFL curriculum and our new chosen language of Spanish. The children have participated and enjoyed a whole school languages festival day where we have launched our new chosen language to learn. We have immersed ourselves in Spanish culture and language around school, swapping classrooms and visiting other class teachers. 


Our whole school festival menu was: 

  •    Creating a 'My Family Tree' 
  •    Practising animal names and impressions!
  •    Producing a passport on spanish people and monuments
  •    The sport: Petanca 
  •    Madrid and tessellation of the stunning Allhambra Palace 
  •    Singing Happy Birthday!
  •    Creating fabulous Mosaic flags inspired by Gaudi 
  •    Spanish cuisine 
  •    and finally practising writing 'my name is' in Spanish! 


Please find pictures of our fabulous European Day of Languages experience ... 


Miss Fenton


European Day of Languages 2023: Spanish Launch