St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more

2017 -2018

He's falling In Pieces!

Oh no! Now his leg's dropped off. 


Have you ever wondered which fruit the members of Year One prefer? Then wonder no more! We've been collecting data and using Purple Mash to create these rather excellent block graphs. 

Learning About Healthy Living In The 'Life' Van

A Message From Bernard

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We've been reading 'No-Bot' by Sue Hendra. Here's a message from Bernard the No-Bot!

Science Lesson- Learning About Our Senses

Road Safety Lessons Week 2

Recycling Paper For Outdoor Learning Day

Tomato Plant Update

Nice to see plants from our 'Green Fingers' topic doing so well. If you have any other pictures you can email them to me and I'll add them to the site. 

Year One Chill Out Zone

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As part of our work during 'Health Week' we've been looking at having a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Today we took part in some group meditation to help us relax, followed by a bit of a chill out with some mindfulness colouring.

The Great Outdoors- Developing Our Vocabulary

Science- Identifying Materials

In science we have been learning that different objects can be made out of different materials and that those materials can have different properties. 

Computing- Looking At The Local Area

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We used the Ipads to find satellite pictures of school which we could use like a map. We drew the path on the pictures from the classroom to the playground. We learned about a 'bird's eye view'.

Science- Properties Of Materials

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We've been looking at which materials Percy The Park Keeper could use to make a new house for his friends that could withstand a storm.

3D Computer Modelling

As part of our topic we have been thinking about the built environment around us. We used the 'Makers Empire' app to create these cool 3D models of buildings. 

Percy The Park Keeper Speedy Re-enactment!

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Here we are doing a bit of role pay for our current class book- Percy The Park Keeper. You can see a more sedate version in the video resource centre. 

Literacy Treasure Hunt

We had a lot of trouble with a visitor to class last term but it seems that Goldilocks has mended her ways. She left us a trail of clues that lead us to some treasure and an apology letter! It was good to get out into the great outdoors. 

Careers Week.

This week we've been thinking about what we'd like to do when we grow up. We had very ambitious suggestions which included: mechanic, policeman, racing driver, costume designer, ballet teacher, soldier and ninja. smiley

Using sharing mats to work out division.

There's no business like snow business!

When Year 1 do 'role on the wall' we literally do role 'on the wall'!

Year One shocked but on the case. Looking for clues to find the porridge thief.

CRIME SCENE! Police called to Year 1. Intruder trashes breakfast in search of perfect chair and perfect porridge!

Spring hasn't really sprung yet but we've been doing a spot of planting anyway!

Don't forget that you can see lots of other stuff that we've been up to if you check out our videos in the video resources centre.


Year One Video Resource Centre

We have been looking at the work of the artist Mondrian who was famous for his paintings using squares and rectangles. Check out more of our Mondrian work in the Video Resource Centre which can be found in the 'Children' menu.

Great Fire of London

Finding halves and quarters of amounts.

Wow! We made a great start to our Great Fire of London topic!

Sorting and sequencing.

In maths we have been learning about sequences, patterns and putting things in order. We made up a sequence and our partner had to continue it. 

Learning how to log on to the computer.

Autumn colour work.

Number work. Old school and high tech versions.

A member of Year One preparing for a trip to the South Pole.

Science -We made rain clouds in a glass.