St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more


We are very proud of our smart uniform at St. Anne’s. The uniform has stayed the same for a number of years. A couple of years ago, our children and parents were asked if they would like to change the uniform to include the popular polo- shirts. The answer was a definite no!


Uniform can be purchased from Impressions Uniform on Leyland Lane, Leyland.




Boys                                                                                 Girls

White shirt                                                                      White shirt

School red and gold tie                                                 School red and gold tie

Royal blue school jumper                                             Royal blue school jumper or cardigan

Grey or black trousers or shorts in summer             Grey skirt/school trousers or pinafore

Black shoes – not trainers                                            Black shoes – not boots

Grey, black or white socks                                            Grey, black or white socks or tights


P.E. kit                                                                             Girls Summer uniform

House Coloured t-shirt                                                  Blue gingham dress

Black or blue shorts

Navy track suit top with school logo

Navy track suit pants

Black pumps



Shoulder length or longer hair should be neatly tied back. We do ask that hair products eg. gel, coloured braids and shaved patterns are saved for the school holidays.



The only jewellery that should be worn to school is a watch. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are not permitted for health and safety reasons.