St Anne's Catholic Primary School

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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!



There are 25 of us in Class 6.


Mrs McCrory is our teacher

and Mrs Slater is our teaching assistant.


We hope you enjoy looking at the wonderful things we do during our days in school smiley

We are very proud to be oldest children in the St. Anne's family and always try to set a good example to the younger children in our school.  We celebrate and value one anothers' unique skills, talents and sense of humour!

Hothersall Lodge 2014

Science and Engineering Week 2014

Monday 17th - Friday 21st March


Mr Hardwick (Tom in Class 6's dad) is a STEM Ambassador.  This means he is a expert at anything to do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Every year he sets the school a challenge for the week.

This year he even brought his telescope to school!

Assembly- Science and Engineering Week

This year our challenge involves aliens coming to Earth! They need us all to leave the planet and go to find a new planet to inhabit.

How will we get there? What will we take with us?


We need a protective, futuristic space helmet for our travels.............

Book Week 2014 3rd March - 7th March

We love reading in Class 6 and we are lucky to have so many amazing books in our classroom and in our school library.

We started the week with our class assembly with the theme 'Books are food for the mind.' 

Various book-themed, fun activities and competitions went on throughout the week and we all had great fun on World Book Day when we dressed up as our favourite book characters!

Book Week Assembly



As part of our cross curricular topic about 'Leyland' we have become very interested in the history of Leyland Motors both pre-war and post-war.  We have conducted lots of research and realise how much it has evolved both as a company and how much the vehicles have evolved too.


We have designed our own vehicles, imagining what cars of the future may be like.  Using our designs, we plan to make a remote control car.  Our remote controls will form a switch that will connect and complete an electrical circuit that will power a motor and make our cars go.


Here are some photos of us investigating electrical circuits in preparation for our exciting project.

Exploring Electrical Circuits

Constructing Car Chassis

We have now made our chassis that will eventually contain our electrical circuits.  Keep checking this page to see our project develop!

Chassis development - attaching the wheels!

Chassis development - adding the pulleys!

Journalistic Writing and Broadcasting

As part of our English curriculum we have been looking at the features of journaslitic writing and the techniques used by newsreaders to broadcast news to the nation. 

We gathered our own information and compiled newspaper reports. Then we edited them to create a clear, concise and correct report suitable for broadcasting.  Maybe you'll see some of us on Newsround in the future!

Harvest Assembly

We led the Harvest Assembly.  Look at the lovely handmade bread we made!

Harvest Time

Szent Miklós Day

Mikulás is the Hungarian version of Saint Nicholas, and a similar figure to Santa Claus Fruzsina shared with us her family traditions and told us that on the eve of Saint Nicholas' feast day of 6 December, Hungarian children traditionally place a boot on their windowsill waiting for Mikulás to come by and fill it with treats, or a stick!

We left a school pump outside our classroom on the eve of the 6th and we were pleasantly surprised to find the pump full of treats when we arrived in school the next day!

As a celebration of Fruzsina's traditions we baked some traditional Hungarian Christmas honey cookies known as mézeskalács. Similar to gingerbread, these cookies are made with honey and spices and are decorated with white sugar icing.  They were delicious!

Traditional Hungarian Honey Cookies

Cup Stacking


Here we are enjoying speed cup stacking.  This was part of our Beyond Sport Programme run by the South Ribble Sports Development team.