St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more

Our Dinosaur topic


Here come the dinosaurs!


Lots of us were very interested in dinosaurs so we have been enjoying finding out more. We looked in our talking tub and were very excited to discover fossils and some dinosaur eggs amongst other dinosaur things.




We worked together to make our very own volcano. Lots of us enjoyed designing our own dinosaurs. We moved like dinosaurs, counted dinosaur footprints and made our own dinosaur books on the writing table.

Ask us about our favourite dinosaur stories!





Look at the dinosaur skeleton we made!

Some our dinosaurs got trapped in the ice! 

Oh, no! What should we do?

We made a lovely recipe for dinosaur eggs using soil, sand, flour, salt and water. It was great fun mixing it with sticks in our outdoor classroom. When it was finished we hid our dinosaurs inside and left them to dry.

Once our eggs had gone hard we had to give our baby dinosaurs a helping hand to hatch.

We enjoyed making splatter pictures out of paint hidden in dinosaur eggs on dinosaur shaped paper. We rolled play dough dinosaur eggs on the malleable table and we made dinosaur nests in the sand tray.

Wow, we had fun!