St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more

2018 - 2019

Fun on the new adventure trail!

On Monday, Year one visited Worden Park in Leyland. What a fantastic adventure we had! We found lots of different types of trees and plants.  We also did lots of walking! Mrs Gresty’s step counter said we had done about 16,000 steps which is a lot of steps for little legs...probably about 4 miles! Well done Year 1. You worked very hard and behaved beautifully.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers who came to help us. 


To see our VLOGs about the trip, click on the link below. (Some of them are still being edited and will be added later.)


Still image for this video
Class 1 planned collective worship about special meals. We remember Jesus’ final meal with his friends during mass.

We’ve been sketching self portraits, but who’s who?

World book day potato character making: Can you guess which book characters we’ve made?

We raised lots of money taking part in the sponsored bounce.

In Design Technology, we have been thinking about healthy eating and what would make a balanced diet.


We tasted different fruit and chose which we liked best.  Then we designed a healthy snack to take on a picnic.  We decided to make fruit kebabs.


We learned how to cut the fruit safely using a 'bridge' technique and we threaded the fruit onto  skewers. 


We had fun on our pretend picnic when we tested our kebabs.

Fruit tasting

Trashion Show 2019


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The Enormous Turnip

We had fun learning about The Great Fire of London with a special visitor. We learned how Tudor houses were made, how the people tried to put out the fire and we looked at the things people in the past might have used.

Poppy making for Remembrance Day - Thank you for helping us Year 6.

We made Tudor houses in history.