St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more

Class 1 2014-2015

Mrs Helm and Mrs Caunce teach Class 1.  Our teaching assistants are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Slater.

Judges' Lodgings

On the 10th March 2015, class 1 went to Lancaster to visit the Judges' Lodgings.  


We had a busy morning training to be household servants.  We had to clean the kitchen and polish the silver. In the dining room, we had to set the table and fold napkins!


In the Judges bedroom, we learned about the jobs that we might have to do like cleaning the chamber pot - yuk!  


After that, we went to the school room and learned about how to write on a slate.  The teacher was very strict!


After dinner, we played some games that children in the 1900s might have played, watched a Punch and Judy show and listened to a story about a tin soldier.


We had a fantastic day and made our teachers and helpers very proud!


Thank you to all the adults who gave up their time to come with us on our trip.