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2017 -2018

Lancashire Memories - a History talk with Jimmy.

Invertebrate Hunt for our Science work

Mere Sands Woods - what a great day out. We found lots of insects and pond animals today, and made amazing dens. Take a look for yourself...

Can't beat the Heat? Then join it! Water Play in Year four.

Lancashire Memories - learning about the past.

UCLAN Day - learning about developing technology in the world around us.

Dance from the Heart! The sun came out and we enjoyed bustin' a move!

Y4's outdoor classroom and story time. We made animals from materials we found - can you tell what they are?

A super fun filled sport's day for all! The children and their parents had a great time and we all cheered each other on in our races.

Congratulations Harry and Meghan! Enjoy your Wedding Day!

Royal Wedding Artwork

Our sponsored bounce in Y4 - the most bounces in 1 minute were 96!

The Life Caravan visits Y4 and we learn that 'It's Good to be ME!'

Our Growing competition. Whose sunflower is the tallest so far?

Our contestants.
Our winner, Wiktoria's sunflower at 28cm so far!
Happy to have entered.
Our patient gardener-Tilly's sunflower is 3cm tall

RE; we were acting out Peter and John's courage when they were arrested and had to talk to the assembly.

Science! We are investigating how to measure the Carbon Dioxide in a fizzy drink - we enjoyed getting rid of the gas!

Straight back to school and writing our Adventure stories already ... I wonder where they will take us?

Y4's Egyptian Museum - we had visitors from Y2 and our parents came after school too. We all learnt a lot!

Did you know the word for cat in Egyptian is 'meow'? Look at our meows ...

This weather is snow joke! (sorry!)

Introducing our Crocodile from the River Nile to Y4, he was visiting us and posing for our art lesson! I saw some super sketching!

St Anne's Golden Anniversary Mass - 50 years of our wonderful school, celebrated with our community.

Y4's Egypt Day. We had a real life Egyptologist visit us and we learnt so much ...

Harley being the first Pharoah to rule over Egypt
Holly being the pyramids at Giza
harmony pretending to be Tutankamun
Lily as Cleopatra
Learning about the timeline of Egypt
Harry showing us how papyrus was made
Riley making ink for the scribes
Maria pushing the plow with her oxen
Morgan showing us how time was read in Egypt
Ellie telling us about Egyptian calendars
Olivia putting on make-up like the Egyptian men
Sophie putting on her wig made from her own hair!
Ruby brushing her teeth like the Egyptians did
The rest of us joining in with the actions
Taylor the Pharoah
Demi and Wiktoria - the Viziers
Sonia and Jenny; scribes.Adam was the high priest
Mason, Jessika, Alex and Holly.P- the traders
The next line were the shopkeepers
These are the unskilled workers
The pyramid of Egyptian society
Introducing the mummy!
These are the high priests
Getting ready for mummification
Washing the body
Mushing the brain and pulling it out of the nose
Cutting open the torso
Taking out the intestines
Getting rid of the stomach
Rooting around for more organs
Finding and removing the heart
Extracting the lungs
Now what?
The liver!
Introducing the Canopic Jars
Which organ goes in which jar?
Ask anyone in Year 4, we all know.
Drying the body out for 40 days
We now have to wrap the body in linen
Looking at treasures that get buried with the body
Dressing the body now - jewelry
Adding the head piece
Mason painting the mummy's face with make-up
Learning about the Book of the Dead
This shows us the journey to the other side
Learning about Tutankhamun
Finding out about Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon
The 4 shrines of Tutankhamun

Maths week! We have been learning about Salvador Dali and the maths we can see in his paintings. This lesson was all about symmetry in drawing, cutting and patterns.

Panto Madness!

Year 4's recent Art work. Sketching and shading using different mediums.

Look who snuck into Taylor - Mae's book bag - how cheeky! He spent the day in class with us - we made sure that he was good!

Making telephones to investigate sound particles and amplification!

Science - Exploring how sound travels together in class.

Our first Bronze awards in Year 4 - and in the school!

Times tables work - we were finding the patterns and connections today in class.

Plague Medicines! We made our own versions of a 1665 cure for the Plague - how do you think they smelt?

Outdoor Classroom Day! We took our maths lesson outside to find symmetrical patterns in nature.

Brilliant Gymnastic lesson! We were all very resilient - we didn't give up and are proud of our achievements!

Wonderful home work from Y4 - great sentences, conjunctions, adjectives, handwriting, paragraphs and presentation. Well done!

Shocking Electricity! Learning how to use equipment safely and make our own circuits.