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National Science Week - Building Rockets

This week is National Science and Engineering Week.  The theme is 'Exploring the future'.  On Monday Mr. Hardwick came into school to set us yet another fantastic challenge.  He told us that we would have to leave planet earth and asked us to think about where we would go, how we would get there and what things we would need to take.


Class 4 decided that we would concentrate on how we would get to this new place.  How could we defy gravity to get into outer space?


First, we looked at lots of different ways of providing 'thrust' for a rocket.  We explored using balloon power, elastic band power and air power. 


Next, we had to look at different shapes of rockets.  Which would be the most aerodynamic?


Our rockets are now built and almost ready to 'BLAST OFF!'  We just need some fine weather to take them outside and test them.  


Keep checking back for the launch pictures.


Meanwhile, enjoy our photo gallery of our design and make task.


(By the way,  this took place on 'Wacky Hair Day!' - our children don't usually come to school with their hair looking so unusual!)