St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more

2022 - 2023

Heath Week 2023: Thursday - Yoga Day, time to be still, reflect and enjoy practising our new yoga poses.

Health Week 2023: Tuesday was Orienteering at Brockholes Nature Reserve and the children were fantastic. They also joined in with an environmental art workshop in the forest!

Circusology: Practise makes perfect!

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Health Week 2023: Monday, next up was Circusology, something the children had never experienced before! Some of the children came in the next day to say they had been looking at the equipment online to practise at home, which was fantastic to hear!!

Health Week 2023: We began our week with the Dogs Trust, this was in invaluable lesson for the children. We learnt about dogs feelings; their reactions and how we can look after our pets in the best possible way.

The children have absolutely loved learning the Fresh Prince of Bel-air on the glockenspiel. Well done, everyone!!

Can I measure and record liquid volume?

The children enjoyed using their senses to imagine their journey through the Amazon rainforest ...

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The children enjoy peeling and cutting a range of foods for our wholesome meal to compliment our pastry.

We began our Food Technology project by sampling a range of pastry foods. The children enjoyed tasting these and exploring the foods using their senses. They were able to identify and describe the differences between them.

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