St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more

2021 - 2022

After a lot of hard work and effort, the children completed their beach hut sunset pictures. They used a lot of different techniques including tearing, folding, fringing, fraying and cutting to name but a few in order to complete their art work. I think you’ll agree, they look amazing.

The children enjoyed reading poems together in their reading partners.

The children joined together to create a freize about what they treasured in God’s creation.

The children enjoyed their Big Breaktime!

The children had a fantastic time helping Mike and Simone make a Willow tree for school. The final tree was amazing and was a great team effort from all the children in school.

As part our our science work on Habitats, the children went into their local environment to investigate and see what they could find. We made sure to return all our ‘samples’ safely!

Our final English story topic is a book called Flotsam. The children enjoyed looking through some flotsam collected from the beach as a starting point. They used some great vocabulary and came up with some imaginative ideas as to where the flotsam had come from and why it was washed up on the beach.

Our next DT topic was making puppets and developing our sewing skills. The children did amazingly well and created some Aladdin puppets to go with our English topic

Health week continued with bat and ball skills and finally relaxing after a busy week with yoga!

Health Week began with Military School training both in the hall and on the inflatable assault course. The children all rose to the challenge!

For our weather topic in Geography, we decided to make some weather vanes to find the direction of the wind.

The children completed a homework challenge to make the vehicles used by either Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong on their explorations. They did a fantastic job!

The children enjoyed chopping, slicing and tasting different vegetables to make their Rainbow Wrap in DT

Book marks to celebrate World Book Day. We used the pages of an old book and chose to draw a sunflower in yellow and blue in support of Ukraine.

World Book Day

Our new topic in geography asks us where our food comes from. We first had a look at the shops in Leyland and the type of food they sell. We sorted the food into fresh, frozen and fast food.

Rock star super stars for Times Tables Rock Star day

Enjoying ourselves and learning about our feelings with Steven, Harold and the Life Bus.

Moon Walking!,

Still image for this video

Moon walking!

Still image for this video

Budding astronauts

The children worked hard using their plans to create a sculpture in the style of Antonio Giacometti. They created their sculptures using pipe cleaners and tin foil and then posed them to reflect the achievements of either Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong.

Football skills workshop - the children showed off some nifty moves!!

The children in Class 2 have been studying the work of Frida Karol, L.S.Lowry and Vincent Van Gogh. They then used the inspiration from these painters to produce a portrait of their friends and used paint, chalk, pastel and blending techniques to create their pictures.

Books we use in church - Lesley very kindly brought in very special books that are used in church. She told us about each book and how they are used in church.

Class 2 had the most amazing visit from Lancashire Hawks and Owls this morning. Margaret and Michael brought a Harris Hawk, an Eagle owl, a Barn owl, a Tawny owl, a Burrowing owl and a Malaysian Brown Wood owl for us to have a look at. As well as showing off our own knowledge about owls and birds of prey, the children learnt lots of new facts, stoked the most of the birds and even held one of them. The birds were fantastic, very well behaved and so beautiful. I hope Class 2 have some great memories they will treasure about owls and birds of prey.

Class 2 dissected some regurgitated owl pellets and found many bones from the small mammals they eat. We have been learning all about owls in our English topic so that we can write a non-chronological report all about owls. This will definitely be interesting information to include and the children were brilliant scientists discovering all the tiny bones.

Inspirational visit from Paul Sturgess. A memory we’ll never forget!

A special visit from the man in red - Father Christmas!

Christmas lanterns depicting the Nativity

Delicious Christmas Lunch at St. Anne’s

Fun was had by all on the reindeer run,

Hot Seating jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella

Sharing Twisted Fairy Tales was fun

The children really enjoyed retelling fairy Tales using the story bags

Guessing the Fairy Tale from the clues on the table

The children followed their designs and made some fantastic vehicles

Cityscape influenced by artist Angela Wakefield

the children made their own stamp with a city scape design. They printred with it in one colour and then printed with it again, using a second colour as an over lay. The resuts are fabulous.

Plasticine models in the style of Nick Park's iconic Wallace and Grommit

A visit from the Fire Service - Fire Safety

Following our visit to the vehicle museum, the children designed their own vehicles and made them in DT with the help of the DT ambassadors

The children enjoyed looking at artefacts as part of their history topic - The Place Where I Live

The children have been looking at shape, line and pattern in the buildings around Leyland. They used these inspirations to draw some buildings of their own.

Here are some examples of the sketches that Class 2 completed in the Vehicle Museum. I think you'll agree they have done a fantastic job!

Class 2 had a fantastic trip out to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves looking at the amazing array of vehicles at the museum as well as being able to climb aboard some of them! The children also spent some time sketching the vehicles they liked and produced some fantastic art work. As if this wasn't enough, the children were also able to take in some of the history of Leyland on the route to and from the museum. They learnt all about the Leyland Cross, the Step Houses and the Almshouses. A brilliant day was had by all.