St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Aspire to be more

2023 - 2024

Amazing! The children wowed me with their efforts making their volcanoes!! Thank you so much to everyone at home that helped too!!

Thank you so much to everyone for their change in today's 'Coin Crossing' donating all money to charity!

Year 3 and 4 Production of, The Jungle Book 2024

Tree planting! Messy... but great!! All the children were very well behaved and got stuck in! Well done team!

Careers Day! The children loved asking questions to our visitors today. Thank you for coming in to talk to us!

In our peace week, we tried a different approach to our collective worship. I read a carefully selected piece of scripture and the children held on to their worship stones whilst finding space in the room to be still. The children were fantastic and enjoyed being still, listening and reflecting on a piece of scripture from the bible. Well done, everyone!! X

Love bug walk!

We are currently exploring The Romans! The children are loving learning about how efficient and clever the Romans were and the lasting impact they had on the world today!

Creating an edible layers of soil experiment!

Compass reading with Jack our new sports coach!

Our Stone Age Display!

We read the Stone Cutter Soup and then made our own soup using vegetables that the class collectively brought in! Thank you so much to parents who brought in vegetables!

A small snippet of our snow fun!

After making a crumble with seasonal fruits, we chose a different season and made a fruit tart. Surprisingly, it went down a treat!! More so than the crumble! (we forgot to take pictures whilst cutting and preparing our fruit - it was all about the eating!!)

Practising our promises! In our Come and See work at the moment, we are discussing why we make promises and how we keep those promises.

Exploring finding the perimeter!

We ate our crumble!!

DT: Can I list the advantages and disadvantages of eating seasonal fruits from the UK? Can I cook a fruit desert using tasty seasonal fruits?

Science: Can I compare how different things move on different surfaces?

Our Glockenspiel skills!

Reading is Magic Festival: We had the opportunity to be involved with a live video conference with Cressida Cowell through the Reading is Magic community. She answered questions and even read a section of her brand new book, which is yet to be released!! She was wonderfully charismatic and the children really enjoyed listening to her inspirational talk about how she began writing in year three, she wasn't the most confident speller, but she was creative and had lots of ideas stored in her head! She is now a very successful author with her books turned into a well known film!

Some pictures of our European Day of Languages! We had such a great day and are more than ready to start learning Spanish!!

Times table Rockstar Day!!!

Children have practised using a flowchart to create a computer program.

Meet the Teacher

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