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Online safety for Parents

Online Safety for Parents

Here you can find useful links and information about how to keep your children safe on-line.
  • You can use the NSPCC and NetAware page to find out if social media apps and sites are appropriate for your children. Follow the link here:NSPCC NetAware
  • Useful information from the NSPCC about Fortnite

Websites, apps and social media sites that we do not recommend your children use. 

Whilst St Anne's School recognises the right of all parents and carers to manage the digital lives of their children, we do not believe that the following list of apps or sites  help in developing the moral values, compassion, and the good digital citizenship that we seek to establish in our pupils. Some of these sites and apps contain content that we feel is inappropriate for children or  may encourage online behaviour that could potentially put your child at risk.

Pop Jam

Movie Star Planet