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Mr Bradshaw's Year 3 Page.

Autumn 2015 E-Safety Work

In computing we looked at what makes a good password and we talked about the importance of keeping passwords secret. You can check the strength of your passwords here.

Autumn 2015- Sequences Work

We have been learning about sequences. We looked at sequences in nature. We learned about a man called Leonardo Fibonacci. He lived in the Italian town of Pisa about 800 years ago. He is famous for recording a pattern or sequence of numbers that became known as The Fibonacci Sequence. 

Sequencing using Scratch Jnr on the Ipads

Roman Mosaics Work- Looking at paper mosaics and digital mosaics

Manipulating Digital Images

We've been using digital maps to look at Leyland and rome from space!

We created our own pictures of Roman gods. We saved the images and changed the colour so that some of the photograph was black and white and some of the picture stayed in colour.