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At St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School we teach high quality phonics, systematically and discretely, as the prime approach too teaching of early reading.


Beginner readers should be taught:

• grapheme–phoneme correspondences in a clearly defined, incremental sequence

• to apply the highly important skills of blending (synthesising) phonemes in the order in which they occur, all through a word to read it

• to apply the skills of segmenting words into their constituent phonemes to spell

• that blending and segmenting are reversible processes.

High-quality phonic work will be most effective when:

• it is part of a broad and rich curriculum that engages children in a range of activities and experiences to develop their speaking and listening skills and phonological awareness

• it is multisensory providing , encompassing activities to enliven core learning

• it is time-limited, to promote confident readers by the end of Key Stage 1

• it is systematic, that is to say, it follows a carefully planned programme reinforcing and building on previous learning to secure children’s progress Aims St Anne’s Catholic Primary School Phonics Policy Phonics Policy

• it is taught discretely and daily at a brisk pace following the Read, Write, Inc scheme in FS & KS1. Other resources used include Smooth Phonics

• there are opportunities to reinforce and apply acquired phonic knowledge and skills across the curriculum and in such activities as independent, shared and guided reading and writing


At St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School we aim to:

* deliver high-quality phonic teaching which secures the crucial skills of word recognition that, once mastered, enable children to read fluently and automatically enabling them to concentrate on the meaning of the text

*to establish consistent practice, progression and continuity in the teaching and learning of phonics and spelling throughout the school

*to differentiate phonics and spelling work according to the needs of pupils, so that all pupils are given sufficient challenge at a level at which they can experience success

*to give children word work strategies that will enable them to become fluent readers and confident writers