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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”


Headteacher                        Mrs E Darnell    BEd Hons NPQH

Deputy Headteacher           Mrs S Moss        BA Hons QTS

Inclusion Leader                  Mrs L Gresty     BEd Hons

School Business Manager     Mrs S Hamer    CSBM

Business Support Officer    Mrs C Concepcion


Class                                      Class Teacher                                     Support Staff

Nursery (EYFS 1)                  Mrs K Websdell   BSc Hons QTS        

Reception Class (EYFS 2)      Mrs S Moss         BA Hons QTS          Mrs C Astley, Mrs J Wilson,

Class 1                                   Mrs L Gresty   BA Hons   

                                             Mrs E Caunce                                      Ms S Bateson

Class 2                                  Mrs R Schofield  BSc Hons PGCE       Mrs A Slater 

Class 3                                  Miss H Orme       BA Hons QTS          Mrs L Ford

Class 4                                  Miss G McAdam   BEd Hons                Mrs S Hopkins

Class 5                                  Miss N Fenton       BA Hons QTS        Mrs M Flintoff

                                                                                                         Ms J Harrison-Holt

                                                                                                         Mrs E Seed

Class 6                                  Mrs C Brockbank   BA Hons QTS         Mrs J Coy

                                                                                                         Ms J Harrison-Holt

                                                                                         Miss S Fredericks 

Teacher                          Mr D Bradshaw   BA Hons PGCE  

Intervention Teacher          Mrs M Todd         BA Hons PGCE                                                            

Intervention support           Mrs P Considine

Learning Mentors                Miss C Bailey           Mrs C Pickering

Family Support Worker       Mrs J Beard

Breakfast Club Staff           Ms C Bailey             Mrs G Taylor

After School Club Staff      Mrs R Kimblin    Ms C Bailey       Mrs E Seed    Mrs J Smyla  Mrs G Taylor


Lunchtime Staff

School cook                         Mrs W Gamble

Kitchen staff                      Mrs J Forshaw

                                           Mrs J Taylor

Child Welfare staff            Miss C Bailey

                                           Mrs S Bulmer

                                           Mrs A Slater

                                           Mrs J Smyla

                                           Mrs A Williams

                                     Mrs J Coy


School Caretaker                Mr G Dawson

Cleaning staff                     Mrs J Forshaw

                                           Mrs E Potter