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2017 -2018

Don't forget that you can see lots of other stuff that we've been up to if you check out our videos in the video resources centre.


Year One Video Resource Centre

We have been looking at the work of the artist Mondrian who was famous for his paintings using squares and rectangles. Check out more of our Mondrian work in the Video Resource Centre which can be found in the 'Children' menu.

Great Fire of London

Great Fire of London 1 Learning about the features of non-fiction texts.
Great Fire of London 2 Malleable work based around the Great Fire.
Great Fire of London 3 It's busy at the Pudding Lane bakery.
Great Fire of London 4 This is the river Thames. I think our boats sank.
Great Fire of London 5 Hidden words and pictures in the sand.
Great Fire of London 6 Building houses from 1666.

Finding halves and quarters of amounts.

Wow! We made a great start to our Great Fire of London topic!

Sorting and sequencing.

In maths we have been learning about sequences, patterns and putting things in order. We made up a sequence and our partner had to continue it. 

Learning how to log on to the computer.

Autumn colour work.

Number work. Old school and high tech versions.

A member of Year One preparing for a trip to the South Pole.

Science -We made rain clouds in a glass.