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Friday 27th March 2020


Write a book review of one of your reading books. Here is an example of how you could organise your work and the sub headings to use.


Complete these maths problems.




The Events of Good Friday


Shortly after the Last Supper Jesus was taken prisoner by those who were jealous of him.  Read the account  from Mark’s gospel (see text).



Every year on Good Friday, the day after Maundy Thursday, the Church remembers this sad time.  Look at the picture. 


At the Good Friday liturgy everyone listens to the Readings about what happened and then comes forward to venerate the Cross. Venerate means approach the Cross and offer a gesture of respect e.g. kneeling or bowing before the Cross or kissing it.

Often during Lent, Christians remember Jesus’ death by praying the Stations of the Cross (station means stopping place).  In the church there are fourteen plaques around the church (sometimes fifteen if the Resurrection is included) depicting the journey of Jesus to His crucifixion and burial. Christians remember Jesus died for everyone.


SOME KEY QUESTIONS ( answer in your book)


  1. How do you think Jesus felt?
  2. How does listening to the account make you feel?
  3. How do you think the other people present felt?


Look at the pictures showing some of the stations of the cross and answer the questions in your book


The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross

The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 1
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 2
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 3
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 4
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 5
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 6
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 7
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 8
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 9
The Events of Good Friday - some of the stations of the cross 10

Thursday 26-03-20


Complete the reading comprehension in your pack – either

  • Ladybirds/ Tale of Tom Kitten



  • Livvy and the dream Monster/ High Flyers



Complete the following maths problems.

Ben leaves for football at 10 o’clock.

It takes him half an hour to walk there.

What time does he get there?


Laura goes swimming at 9 o’clock. She swims for 2 hours.

What time does Laura get out of the pool?


The Angry birds go to the cinema. They arrive at 4 o’clock.

The film lasts one hour. What time do they leave the cinema?


Hello Kitty goes shopping. She goes on the bus which takes 1 hour.

If she gets to the shops at 11 o’clock, what time did she set off?


The children start dancing at 5 o’clock. They finish two hours later.

What time do they finish dancing?


Hannah is watching a film. She has on hour left to watch the film. It is now half past 5.

What time will the film finish?



Draw and label as many parts of a plant and its roots that you can. Write down what the plant needs to grow and explain the details as to what will happen to the plant without these needs. Think about the experiments done in class when you write your answer.

Wednesday 25-03-20


Write the ending to your story. Think about how your story is going to end – do you want a surprise, something unexpected? Remember all the usual rules - read your work at the end and edit where necessary.


Continue to practice your 5 times tables using Times Tables Rock stars.

Continue to practice counting round the clock in five minute blocks to half past.

Continue to practice reading the time on the clock at different times during the day.

Using your paper clock, position the hands at a time that is almost there i.e to the nearest five minutes. Record as best as you can and send it to me. There is a great interactive clock you can use if you follow this link

Practice as much as you can – remember practice makes perfect J


Read the text below and correct it and write in your book.

Tip: it’s easier to spot the errors if you read the text out loud! 


Molly woz busy planting seeds in her allotment, when she realised all of her sunflowers were growing really fast. “What’s going on ” she asked Harry. “i have no idea” replied Harry.

It lookt like they were never going to stop, when all of a sudden they came to a halt. “Are they shrink?” asked Harry. “I think they might b “ said Molly.

the sunflowers shrank very quickly and then turned into seeds! “Oh, I think i know what going on!” cried Molly. These must be magic seeds!

The seeds wer glowing. “What do we do?” asked Harry. “i’m not really sure” said Molly. Then a magpie swoop down and gobbled the seeds! After that, the magpie began to grow and shrink, over and ova again!

“We need to help him!” cried Molly. “But how?” asked Harry. Suddenly the bird coughed and the seeds popped out. “Mr Ellis will know what to do with these,” said Molly. Carefully she picked them up and wrap them in tissue.

Luckily Mr Ellis was in the next allotment. “Ah, magic seeds eh! I’ll have to put them somewhere safe,” so he put them in an old metal moneybocks.

“Phew! I’m glad that’s sorted,” said Moll

Tuesday 24-03-20



Write the middle part of your story using your story plan. This is the part of the story that tells us what the problem is and how to resolve it. There should be lots of description(adjectives) and explanation that makes sense. Remember to use different sentence types - exclamations, starting with adverbs, using similes and your suffix words; -ly, -ness, -ment, -ful.  Also the usual writing rules should still be there- capital letters, full stops, punctuation and spelling. Read what you have written and edit it too.


Practice counting in fives and learning your 5 times tables. Use Times Tables Rock Stars for this. This can be an on-going task for the week.

Look at the clock and count in blocks of 5 minutes from the o’clock position down to the half past position.

Make a clock out of paper with separate hands and practice putting the minute hand in different positions – only up to half past. Read the time and record in your book. Post what you have done/ take a picture and send it via Seesaw.


In the country where Jesus lived the roads were dusty and dry, so it was the custom to wash your feet before a meal, usually it was a lowly servant who did this.  The disciples were very surprised by what happened at the beginning of the meal we now know as the Last Supper.  The story is found in John’s gospel. Here is what happened: - see pictures


On Maundy Thursday during Holy Week a special Mass is celebrated.  The priest washes people’s feet to remind everyone that Jesus washed the disciples feet.  Jesus wanted to show his friends how they must behave towards each other – caring for and looking after each other.



Jesus showed us how to serve and do things for other people.  Describe how you could take the opportunity to serve someone. Write and draw about it in your book.


Reading from John

Reading from John 1

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday 1

Monday 23-03-20


1. For the children who were in school at the end of last week, using the plan you created, write the beginning of your own Mudpuddle Farm story. Remember to use one of the problems we looked at in class last week for your own story. In your pack, I have included the key words from the working wall as well as the names of the characters. Remember to think about capital letters, full stops, punctuation and grammar. Always read your work to check it makes sense as you go along. Use as many different adjectives as you can as well as different sentence starters.

2. for the children who were away, write the beginning of the original story - Mossop's Last Chance - up to where Farmer Rafferty threatens to throw Mossop out of the Farm. You can draw pictures to help you as you go along and describe what you have drawn.

When the task is completed, take a photograph of your work and upload to this email address for me to mark.


Telling the time to o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.

Draw round a cup (or something similar at home) 4 times in your book and label with the numbers on a clock. show me the following times on the clocks: 

5 o'clock; quarter past 7; half past 2 and quarter to 6. draw the minute hand in red and the hour hand in blue. Read the time regularly throughout the day. Take a photo of the clocks and send back to me for marking.


To be completed this week.

Our Wonderful World: Which landmarks are New World wonders?

Carrying on with our wonderful world topic,  research on Google the answers the following: 

1. I know the continents of three major cities: San Francisco, Hong Kong and Lagos

2. I know what types of landscapes they are

3. I understand what I would see there

You can present your work in any way you like - a poster; fact sheet; spider diagram; mind map. Be as creative as you like and send back to me on Friday at the latest.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems and I will get right back to you. Good luck and work hard. Mrs Schofield :)