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Week Beginning 23rd March 2020
Mon: English and maths activities both accessible through Seesaw. 

Tues: Maths volume word problems available on SeeSaw.

English task watch the video link on SeeSaw about the history of Lego and make notes. 

Wed:Maths Roman Numerals work available on SeeSaw

English Create a quiz based on notes taken on Tuesday whilst watching the history of Lego video. Upload to SeeSaw.

Thur: Maths - Arithmetic practice. Mental addition of two-digit numbers.

English- Features of Non-Chronological Reports and comprehension. 

Fri:Maths - Revision questions. Available via SeeSaw. 

English- Technical vocabulary exercise. Optional extra to share some news and have a catch up via the blog on Purple Mash. 

To be completed at any time this week:

Computing- Log in to Purple Mash. Go to '2email'. From the log in page you'll need to go into 'tools' and then find the 'Communicating and Sharing' page. Send me an email to let me know how you're getting on. You'll need to use the address book to find my contact details. Check back later to get a reply from me- this might not happen instantaneously! For extension work send an email to someone else in class- remember that I can read all of these. smiley Mr B

Comprehension - available on SeeSaw (linked to topic work on Maya Writing)

History- Maya Writing Fact Hunt and Logograms work available on SeeSaw. There is also a task relating to Maya Gods on Purple Mash for anyone who didn’t manage to research their chosen God last week.

RE- Lent video and questions to complete available on SeeSaw

PSHE - Risky Dares activity available on SeeSaw

French - Writing French numbers -activity available on SeeSaw

Science- Watch the video on SeeSaw and describe what is happening when sycamore seeds fall from a tree. 

Remember you can continue to say our morning, lunch time and end of the day prayers if you wish. You can find them in the children’s tab under the video resource centre, class 5.