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Home Learning - English Wednesday 3rd June

Wednesday 1st April/Thursday 2nd April/Friday 3rd April work

Just to let you know that the work for Year 4 is now on Seesaw.

I just wanted to update you with what we will be doing for the rest of the week.

English - we will be continuing to work on and finish our non-chronological report. I am only asking the children to work on this a little bit each day and then they can decorate their report as they choose. I have created my own for the children to follow, just like we do in class and I have sent my work over for them to use as a model.

Maths - I have added some great Easter maths questions and I will continue to add on some more Easter fun maths things for the children to work through for the rest of the week. 

I have one more RE lesson for the children that will take them up to Easter that is on Seesaw.

Please remind the children that they can work through this in their own time. For those children that finish quickly, there is the usual TTRockstars, the Geography project and their spellings that will certainly keep them occupied.

Tuesday 31/03

All of the work for Year 4 is now on Seesaw ready for tomorrow.

English - We are writing our non-chronological report tomorrow morning and I will be sending over the modelled write in sections so that they have an opportunity to write and then send it over to me to give feedback. Pretty much how we work in the classroom.

Maths - we are working on Statistics and interpreting and evaluating data.

I have also added on their daily fluency questions - the children should be good at getting on with these now as I am giving individual feedback to those children that need it to help them improve.

There is RE for the children to work through and the ongoing Geography mini-project

Monday 30/03

I have now added all of the work for Monday 30/03 onto Seesaw for Year 4.

English - the children need to ensure that have completed all of their research for the Great Barrier Reef and they now have a plan to complete for their writing. I have also asked them to consider the layout for their report and what pictures they might want to include.

Maths we are starting this week on Statistics with looking at some addition and subtraction calculations that will help the children when analysing graphs this week. We have studied this type of work very recently so I am hoping the children will enjoy doing the work today.

R.E I have added on scripture and a painting for the children to look at along with their activity to complete in their exercise books.

Vocabulary ninja word of the day is on there as usual and please remind the children to go on Times Tables Rockstars, look at the year 3-4 spelling list and read lots of books!

Friday's work


I have now added the Year 4 work for Friday onto Seesaw.

I have asked the children to ensure that their research for the Great Barrier Reef is ready for Monday so we can start to plan our writing together.

I have also asked the children to write me a letter about their first week at home.

Maths we are looking at symmetry today which completes our week on shape. I have also added some more fluency questions for the children that they love to do.

The geography mini-project is still ongoing for them to work through in their own time,

Thursday's work


I have posted the work for Year 4 onto Seesaw.

English they are to continue to research the Great Barrier Reef - I have given them headings now to help guide their research and some question prompts.

They are only researching at this point as we will be writing our full modelled write next week together.

Maths - I have added some fluency questions online as the children love doing these.

We are looking at quadrilaterals and I have added some help files for the children to read before they get started.

Wednesday's work

I have sent over the work for Wednesday on Seesaw.

Maths we are looking at triangles and there are some help slides for them to read to jog their memory before they complete the work.

English - i have also sent over the request for their research to be done for a small part of detail on the Great Barrier Reef. We have talked about this in class last week so the children should know what they are doing. They are just looking at one aspect for tomorrow and they are going to write it up for me to read before we start looking at collating more information.

Please encourage them to read their work before they send it so they are not simply copying words from the internet that they don't understand.

The geography mini-project has now been sent. Please tell the children that this should take them a good few days. Don't rush. It is there to keep them busy!

I have sent over work for the Year 4 children to work through on Monday on Seesaw

They have an English lesson - to read a piece of text and then to find the key features of a non-chronological report within the text.

They are to create a text map for this report - we have done this before several times and I have started them off here. They are to do this in their exercise books and send me a photograph on Seesaw.

Maths - they are to look at parallel and perpendicular lines and complete the work on Seesaw for me to mark.

I have sent over their word for the day and some Comprehension skills work based on an image for Monday.

Tuesday 24/03/20


I have posted new work for Tuesday onto Seesaw

English - the children have sentence work to complete in their exercise books. This is to warm them up to some of the language we are looking at this week. They have also been given 3 paragraphs they are to mark and give feedback on. I have left them a set of instructions on Seesaw.

Maths - we are looking at angles. I have added a couple of help slides to jog their memories and some questions for them to answer (worksheets and reasoning questions)

There is the usual vocabulary ninja word and I've also sent them a reminder for their times tables.

R.E there is a lovely piece of scripture for them to read over and discuss with some question prompts and I've asked them to create a poster for me.

I will be adding their geography work on tomorrow but i am going to send it over as a mini project as it is all about the Seaside and hopefully they will enjoy working through that.